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Get Ready For Promising Career

We understand with the everchanging world there is a lot of confusion on choosing the right career. We will help you figure out the right path for your career.

Earn a Certificate Or Diploma

We have build a wide network for years to ensure that we train and equip you with the right knowledge to be competitive in the market.either as an employee or entrepreneur.

Large TNDC Community

Our learning doesn’t stop with your certificate. We have alumnae programs that will continue equipping you with the latest trends in your industry. So you will never left behind.

Most Popular Courses

We offer a whole new way to explore Courses you’re passionate about. Find your interests by browsing our most enrolled courses:

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Become An Instructor & Let's Equip Our Future Leaders

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Student Career Center

Hi Ann, I am confused with where this course will take me. I have been wondering what are the opportunities in my field? Where can I find a job? What does career growth look like in my industry?

Hostel Services

Hi New Dimension, I have been folllowing your advice for a time and i feel that I am ready to join you. Do you have hostels, or can you arrange something for me so to attend your classes.

Job search Program

Hae, Dimension college I have been tarmacing for years now and I heard that you offer a short course that can help me get unstuck in my situation. what does the program entails, how long does it take.


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We love to listen and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your project.