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Unlike many education institution we are determined to ensure that you are a step forward towards the right direction in your life.

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Our Staff

Behind any successful organasation is the workforce behind it. In our case is our lecturers, career conselors, curriculum developers, career experst, job market researchers, to care givers, customer satisfaction team, receptionist, who we take as much time to recruit them, pay them above industry standard, and engage top notch consultants to train them on a continous process. We are confident to say that we have the best team to ensure we deliver the best to the best clients ever.

Our Courses

Our Driving Mantra.

Our students come first. It might sound cliche just like the old saying “customer is king,” but we believe that we have a fiducius responsibility to take care of our clients. That is why we go out of our way to ensure that we understand what our students need and that we hold them to account until they reach their goal. We dont just give you information we train you how to used it.

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Our Director’s message for you

We are genuinely thrilled that we have this opportunity to walk with you in your life

It is our personal commitment to provide the best possible service to you as your Knowledge partner and we are dedicated to making our working relationship a success.

We put tremendous emphasis on providing professional, reliable and high-quality services and place a high level of importance on individual student

–  Ann Wairimu Mburu |  Our Director

What our student’s have to say about us

I have already been able to use quite a lot of what I learned in my own classes, so I am really happy I took the course.

kianu Moses


I liked how the course was structured. We learned a lot  in real life. Our tutors were really nice and answered all our questions. Everything on the course was perfect’

Jessica Mweheria


” I had a marvellous time in Tndc, spent with increadibly warm-hearted people and I’ ve learnt lots of innovated and useful methods of language teaching!”

Bruce Kinaro


The best part of the course was probably the placement year. It’s a great way to put what you learn into practice

Kathrine Njeri


With my course you can work all over the world – the college has partnered with alot of institutions that are well recognised internationally and  you can work anywhere.

Jessica Mwane


It’s been such a stimulating experience. You get to learn so much about yourself, and have tremendous amounts of knowledge and resources.

Bruce kinyua


Our trusted partners

On our own we can do so little but together we can do so much. We believe we will help you achieve alot by us partnering with like minded institutions.

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